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Da Bears had a great, exciting season.  The team wasn’t supposed to compete for a division title, a playoff win, nor even a winning record.

A yet here we are – complaining about The Bears losing the NFC championship to a dominating Packers team that’s clearly ready for the big game.   Take a deep breath and reflect on where the Bears really are.

The 2010 season was going to end this week or two weeks from now and no matter how it ended the Bears would have plenty to work on to build a dominant franchise.   The Bears were about to sneak into the Superbowl on a string of ridiculous calls (Calvin Johnson catch), “lucky” match ups (Seahawks in first round), and very improbable health (almost no major injuries all season???).  Perhaps they could have won it all.   It wouldn’t change the fact that they aren’t done building something really impressive and that can last for several seasons.

So… take a deep breath and DO NOT BLOW THIS TEAM AND STAFF UP.   Having witnessed the dismantling of the Broncos as a life long bronco nation member… I can tell you it’s a major mistake to blow it all up when you really just have a few personnel moves to make, another off season of scheme improvements and some winning routines to cement.   And yes, YOU, the FAN BASE, can blow this team up… by burning jerseys, writing lame blog posts, drawing up Fire Lovie signs, not going to the games, and yes, QUITTING ON YOUR TEAM DURING THE GAME.

That’s right… fans, you quit on your team.  This was the quietest playoff game I’ve ever been to.  and that’s on YOU.   For the most part you were more concerned with Miller Lite than the comeback that almost became legend.  In the third deck north end zone I started not less than 30 DE-FENSE chants, and I’m a transplant fan who doesn’t own season tickets.   While the bears D was bringing the bears back you were WHINING ABOUT CUTLER.   Gimme a break.   We generated only 2 false starts in the “biggest rivalry” in the NFL.  Puhlease.

If you don’t support your team in their biggest game… then you’re going to get a team that doesn’t build on a remarkable year.   So take a deep breath, reflect on how far the bears have come and get back to helping this team build something that’s worthy of the history.  How can you help build?   Buy the tickets, keep your jerseys, bring young people to the game, keep your cursing to a minimum in the stands and CHEER.  Don’t call for Cutler to go away… my goodness, the guy took hundreds of hits while the offensive line learned how to block and the receivers learned routes.   Instead build him up.   That’s how greatness comes about… not by crushing a guys spirit.

I’ve been to many college and pro games.   The teams winning the most games and championships are the ones where the fans aren’t angry, are loud, and proud.

Last but not least.   Don’t forget this is JUST FOOTBALL.   And when I say that understand that i’m die-hard.  I really really really love football, The Bears, Cutler, rivarlies…. This season delivered the goods.  The playoffs are a celebration of all the ups and downs and work of the regular season.   The playoffs are a remarkable experience to take in with your neighbors, friends, family, community.

I can’t wait to see what the Bears do in 2011.


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