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By Paul Demko 10/21/08 10:19 AM

Hard at work...

Hard at work...

Rep. Michele Bachmann has long been viewed nationally as a solid favorite to retain her House seat in the Sixth Congressional District. But the controversy engulfing her campaign following Friday’s appearance on “Hardball” — during which she called for an investigation into whether her fellow legislators hold “anti-American” views — has altered perceptions of the race in the last 72 hours.

The Cook Political Report has changed its assessment of the contest from “lean Republican” to a toss up. CQ Politics has also shifted its ranking of the race, from “Republican favored” to the less rosy “leans Republican.”

“If Rep. Michele Bachmann limps to the finish line on Election Day — either ahead or behind — it is because she shot herself in the foot,” writes CQ’s Jonathan Allen.

Consider the following…

U.S. Constitution: Amendment I – Freedom of Religion
Because of conservative, your tax dollars are funding religious groups a clear no-no whether you agree with a religion or not. Preaching politics from the pulpit has recently been the subject of a Justice Department investigation of 21 pastors of differing faiths who were warned not to pontificate in churches and challenged the right as of free speech jeopardizing their tax free status. To add insult to injury, conservative appointed judges have ruled that you do not have a right to challenge some statues. Kind of like Mullahs in Saudi Arabia where church and state are inseparable.

Amendment IV – Search and seizure
Under the guise of court action against abortion, conservative had John Ashcroft subpoena all the medical records of 11,200 women. This invasion of privacy approach is so frequent it is hard to subpoena all the records from all the offices of Congressional members and committees of the suspected cases of invasion of our privacy. The federal government also has access to our Internet browsing, email content and phone records. Unfortunately we as citizens are behind the curve on understanding what changes technology has brought to them as well as us.

Amendment X – Powers of the States and People
Federal conservatives have consistently tried to overturn States law. They use our US tax dollars to challenge the law of the land in Oregon in the “Death with Dignity” law; they lost, but their “help” will come again. If your state votes for something conservatives – religious, social and intellectual versions, not fiscal conservatives – don’t agree with, they will use laws enacted by a once conservative Congress to challenge it – which is the proper use of the laws of the land but in this age of ‘imperial presidency’ those types of actions show marginal regard for states rights than may be appropriate no matter who is in the White House.

Amendment VIII – Cruel and Unusual punishment
Conservatives spokespeople in the federal government supported and sanctioned torture. Spreading that influence to the Judiciary is a threat which is another reason to be aware of any government that has contempt for its people. I’d like to think the founding fathers were focused on the right to bear arms for defense of our country rather than the attack of the sovereignty of another country to foster the spread of democracy. Of course that is most likely a veiled attempt to instead grab more oil. In the process our own ‘Federalis Cowboy” Commander-In-Chief captures and detains for year citizens of this and other democratically elected countries as non-military combatants and then uses illegal cruel and unusual punishment without success to coerce testimony. Caution these days about all government is a requirement of freedom.

Bachmann and desperate members of the GOP have adopted a rather presumptive neo-American tactics as they blame liberals, immigrants, blacks, Asians, or minorities for our economic crisis as Neo-Nazi’s blamed Jews, gypsies and immigrants from Slavic states.

The U.S. Constitution is what we have to hold on to. Protect it or risk your life of liberty; however that comes about in this republic.

1. There is no single cause for anything.

2. Repeat after me, “There is no single cause for anything!”

3. We all had a hand in the economic mess. Getting loans we couldn’t afford, looking the other way as we tried to get more without paying the price, consuming the earth’s resources without having to deal with the consequences directly.

At the same time, those Anti-American views, racial views and implicit discrimination never go away; not in the generational cycle that is digitally accessible. Easy answers are poison. This shit is hard to understand and correct and if you don’t like confrontation, it’s best you stay home after you vote.

Ya know… maybe it would help if we just stop calling people names like “Conservative” and “Liberal.”

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Come-on people…it is gut-check time!!! You want a republic to be proud of? Now’s the time to find you spine.

We got the government we worked to get. Right, none of us worked hard enough and this is what laziness has wrought.   We didn’t mind when it was someone else’s dollar. Enron was a joke. Now we are all in the same financial concentration camp.

  • Bills, in one form or another, assigning $700 billion to Paulson are on the table or will be…

  • Henry Paulson, is the Secretary of the Treasury; a Cabinet position, fifth in line to succession as President.

  • He and the other people who 3 months ago said the economic fundamentals of the nation were sound are now in the triage room trying to keep the economy alive. Our economy…

Before succumbing to fear’s faux response, the watermark of the major arguments for everything for the last 7 years, we, not Congress, should re-read Article 1, Section 1 of the Constitution; our Constitution.

“All legislative powers herein granted shall be vested in Congress of the United State, which shall consist of a Senate and House of Representatives”

The congress has abdicated essential legislative powers in the last 24 years to the executive branch making this bail out not only ill conceived and anti-market driven but above the law. Supplanting the rule of law – laws written by the elected representatives now abdicating their responsibility to leave for legislative recess – with the rules of the executive branch places another jewel in the imperial presidency.

This is about information and misinformation, subjects addressed here without much coddling or political correctness. Right now the putzes in Washington want you to decide without information.

First of all, legislative control of public funds is not a discretionary matter for our government. It is not as Commander and Chief of the Treasury that the President or a Supreme Court Judge gets to ramble on down to Wall St. in an exercise to control the flow of capital through the veins of American Capitalism.

In a free market the impact isn’t always positive. There is always a risk of malfeasance as well as determined but unpredictable events robbing the speculators and the institutional investors of their goals.

When new programs are reviewed be they healthcare or tax treatments we get no where. The Congress stifles discussion and leadership.

Subject Matter Congressional Response

Social Welfare Reform:

“…just a payoff to lazy cheats!”

Socialized Healthcare Reform:

“…just another liberal giveaway scam…”

Socialized Capitalism

Thank God!


You can’t tell the difference between the parties any more. None of them can tell themselves apart from the people they ridicule across the isle or across the sea.

The enormous range of intricacies including our financial services under siege is of our Congressional making. Financial services are interesting because they are THE bridge between the private and public sectors that were shunned by congressional oversight and lack of cohunes to make the tough decisions for two decades.

If you abdicate getting involved and allow this bailout, which program might you consider more seriously in the future? Healthcare, earthquake relief, atomic weapons for Texas…? Find you spine!

As George Will has stated, “these are micro problems, although quite huge, pale next to the macro problem…”

And what are those you ask?

o Retirement of 78 million baby boomers in roughly the last 9 months

o Aging population with medical needs that can’t be met

o Transition to a welfare state requiring more economic growth, not collapse

o Lower revenues for everyone moving from a manufacturing to service entity

Today’s crisis will require our governments to print large amounts of capital further devaluating the dollar here and in the world market – at an accelerating rate that has been dropping for almost 6 years.

o That money is being allocated based on a non-existing economic plan

o That money being controlled by people who didn’t do the job they were hired by Congress to do in their Cabinet positions.

o That money is being allocated on non-economic considerations

o That money allocation is not subject to review by Congress just like we are being asked to forfeit the right to do in governments hast today

Either way, we are all going to suffer for past bad business entanglements that our government put in the hands of the very people who are now telling us that $700 billion will make the problems go away.

I don’t believe it.

What’s more, are subsequent generations willing to sign up to pay for rippling cost acceleration generated by a predatory role of the state in allocating financial resources without consequences that even Congress walked away from?

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