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Oh, joy.  Scientific American has a pretty hilarious article about some researchers working on programming “pure evil” in a computer character.

his exercise resulted in “E,” a computer character first created in 2005 to meet the criteria of Bringsjord’s working definition of evil. Whereas the original E was simply a program designed to respond to questions in a manner consistent with Bringsjord’s definition, the researchers have since given E a physical identity: It’s a relatively young, white man with short black hair and dark stubble on his face.

AHAHAHAHAHAHAH.  Young, white male with stubble.  That is EVIL.

Here’s a real tough concept for non CS majors (not!): you can’t program something that doesn’t exist or can’t exist (PURE EVIL!).

Thankfully the researchers aren’t going to release him.  Who knows what havoc Pure Evil might wreak on this world?

“I wouldn’t release E or anything like it, even in purely virtual environments, without engineered safeguards,” Bringsjord says. These safeguards would be a set of ethics written into the software, something akin to author Isaac Asimov’s “Three Laws of Robotics” that prevent a robot from harming humans, requires a robot to obey humans, and instructs a robot to protect itself—as long as that does not violate either or both of the first two laws.

Better to have EVIL humans control PURE EVIL robots.  hahaha.


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