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The kindle 3 is great for what it’s meant to be, a simple device for reading long form works.

The upgrade from kindle 1 to kindle 2 wasn’t nearly as dramatic as 2 to 3.

The kindle 3 is thin and light. The page refresh is fast and the battery life appears to be ridiculously good.

The new kindle cases have a light built in for those dark reading sessions.

I’ve got ipads and every other device. The kindle is bar far the best reading device. I do plenty of staring at screens and the kindle 3 does an even better job than the 2 of being less screen like than all other reading devices.

I cannot stress enough about the greatness of having a single purpose device for reading. Ipads, iPhones, and what not are full of distractions that unless you completely lock down and disconnect your device overwhelm the reading experience.

Did I mention this thing slips into cargo short pockets perfectly?

I’ve said this in previous posts and ill reiterate it here: no other digital bookstore compares to amazon. They simply have thousands more titles that I want to read. Oh, and they actually categorize books and provide more useful filters than iBooks or the nook estore. I can barely navigate the other stores. And certainly can’t wander the digital stacks at all like I do in the physical world.

Yeah, I’m a kindle fan.

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The only thing that matters in computing now is….

How long will it last….

Without a cord.

The iPhone4 smokes all other smartphones in battery life. It’s the only phone you can really travel with.

Stop innovation on everything else and make all devices work without electrical outlet jacking every 7 hours.

I am not an apple fan boy…. I’m typing this on an evo and my main CPU is Windows 7. But if I don’t get better disconnectivity from the wall…..

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I went to Verizon today to potentially get the Droid X.

I didn’t get one.

I love my EVO.  Yeah, it’s big.  Yeah, it’s battery life isn’t going to get you through the day.  In the end though I enjoy the HTC experience.  And the EVO matches the Droid X specs or exceeds them.  Oh and it has a kickstand!

What’s wrong with Droid X?  Nothing is so much wrong, it just isn’t right.  Motorola  doesn’t refine android OS enough to make it fun and graceful.  The hardware has no distinct design to it.  It’s just a block with a screen.

I have to mention the virtual keyboard on the X.  It’s TERRIBLE.   in landscape mode the SPACE BAR is under your right thumb.   What keyboard has ever had that configuration?   It’spositivelyterriblebecauseyouneverhitthespacejustright.

Another thing I noticed is the Droid X handset was very hot when I played with it.   My EVO doesn’t get hot even after prolonged video use (I watched a lot of world cup on it).

For reference I own the following Android phones: HTC Hero, Droid v 1, HTC Incredible, HTC Evo.   I also have recently owned a palm pre, blackberry storm 1 and 2.  Yes, yes, I’ve toyed/used/abused all the iphones and several windows mobile phones.

My storm 2 is the primary phone because it doesn’t drop calls and still emails better than anything else out there.   HTC Evo is secondary/play/media phone.   Everything else is there for dev and testing and/or decommissioning.

Just thought I’d pass along my thoughts on this completely frivolous topic!

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We’ve become a society that is afraid to break shit.

We wrap our phones in protective shells. We pay geek squad to install basic things. We go to jiffy lube to change the oil.

The world isn’t this fragile people. It’s all marketing.

What happened to figuring it out? Do it yourself? Hack it? Tweak it? Craft it? Open it up and put it back together?


I think all this technology and post 911 world is making us afraid to try. All the warnings, alerts, recommendations are making us afraid to get it done. We might be raising a generation of people who won’t move without a for dummies book or tutorial or specialist assistance.

Here’s a call to arms, in a very slight form of a blog post, to do something yourself today. Take your iPhone out of its sheath. Unbox your new tv. Change your own car oil. Replace your bike tire. Add new memory. Shake it, tweak it, beat it, break it. Put it back together.

The world isn’t as fragile as you think. Mankind has figured it out for a couple hundred thousand years………

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Pretty smoking little device.

I used the HTC hero and the MOTO Droid. I still keep a blackberry in rotation. This new incredible is flat out more polished. Inside and out.

It’s form factor is slim, sleek and fun. Screen is gorgeous like MOTO Droid. On screen keyboard is nice. Don’t miss the physical keyboard.

Fast 8 mp camera. 8 gbs of built in memory.

Flaws? Android still requires too many back, menu, home button pushes that aren’t consistent app to app. Battery life seems ok. Wish it was iPad like rather than smartphone like. Backside gets warm. Droid never does that nor does an iPhone in my experience. Also long text area inputs don’t scroll in up and down view sometimes.

I mean finally an Android device that’s in the ballpark of an iPhone. Well until iPhone 4…

HTC can make hardware that’s for sure. This is my fourth HTC phone. Loved them all.

If you want a Verizon smart phone its this or the palm pre plus. Nothing in the line up comes close. And this is why…. these are the two phones the ladies appeared to buying….

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Straight Shot:  The Zune HD is a better gadget than the iPOD touch.

Still needs work:  The Zune HD has only a handful of games available and almost no apps.

Frustrating:  Despite a decent browser, most websites kick the Zune browser to their crappy mobile sites.

Long Wind:   I’ve been a avid user of the ipod touch since it’s launch.  I love mine.  However, it’s starting to annoy me.  The battery with wifi is weak on the touch.  The itunes store doesn’t save your password and prompts you incessantly.  I hate the way apps come up and shut down.  It’s heavy.  The headphone jack is on bottom… blargh (so is the zune’s… double blargh).

my biggest beef though is that the itunes experience is old and the track by track business model annoys me.  I much prefer the amazon mp3 approach for track buying (buy once and it’s yours) and the Zune pass for all-you-can-eat subscriptions.

The Zune HD is a great little device.  I mean it is little… very light and thin.  Touch screen is crisp and responsive.  The user interface is nice and seems fresh.  The HD radio is very nice.   Ok, i’ll admit it’s still a bit geeky looking compared to the sexy ipod/iphone curvey/shiny/flashy cases…. but geeky is the new sexy, right?

Mark My Words:  The Zune and the Microsoft entertainment ecosystem will continue to chip away at Apple’s dominance.  From gaming  to VOD to music players Microsoft has a better line up and that will win out over time.

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Netbooks? Really?!  Are netbooks selling that well to make this big of an impact?  (Techcrunch finds online services at fault… probably both!)

Take a look at the traffic growth on Acer.com, one of the biggest netbook makers.

Acer.com Traffic Growth

Acer.com Traffic Growth

Asus.com had nice traffic too

I guess as another gauge of this product shift, check out the best sellers on Amazon in computers.  Dominated by netbooks.

Well that’s guessing wrong in the Microsoft product group…


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I personally like Gizmodo better… but what do you think?  who’s coverage is better?

better = funnier + snarkier + pictures + fast refreshes


Jason Chen:
No weight loss problems here.


9:03 – The woman sitting next to me is using an actual cassette tape recorder. She has no business being here.


He appears to be rocking an all-demin ensemble, it’s a little hard to tell from here.


Note to live bloggers:

Please make your pages auto refresh.  Please post latest updates at the top and have older posts move down.  Please use smaller images and have them in the side rail.

We want data and funny, not hard to understand webpages.

Also, no punch the monkey ads.

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[UPDATE July 2009:  I have a mini guide just posted for ubuntu 9.04.]

Original post:

Here’s a better way to tether your blackberry on Linux.

Much easier.  Much more robust.

Good job, Net Direct! Link to their Barry page…

This is a follow up to my earlier, more primitive effort with my Storm and Ubuntu 8.10.

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