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It seems as if my experiment was simply ill timed, not completely wacko.

CNN has already started posting speculation news about the end of Hillary Clinton’s campaign.

A month ago I posted this blog headline to gauge how early you could post a “potential” news story and pick up traffic.  A month later, that post is number 2 on Google and has seen a bit of traffic come in over the weekend.  Not much, but it is the second spike after the initial posting.

My point in the experiment was to unearth how much of competing in the digital age is going to be about being not just the first to report breaking news, but the first to predict it.  CNN does this a lot already and then replaces existing predictions with real details as they come in.  It’s a smart way to get traffic.  It’s also shows that users will consume “potential” news as quickly (perhaps even quicker) than real news (but the tabloids new that already.)  Nothing really new to report here other than that it’s getting harder and harder to find actual news reporting without the chatter and prediction.

It will never go away either.  Interactivity has taken over.  We now print, read and tell ever evolving stories as news.  Don’t think there’s any real loss there accept that we’ll not have very good snapshots in time of events like we do now in archives.  The news evolves so quickly we don’t even really have snapshots of any moment in time.  Then again, those snapshots are inaccurate the second you save them.  Somewhat of a contorted uncertainty principle here.

Anyhoo…  I’ll see how this Headline does against the last one.



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