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N-brain is back at it with coding challenges.  This time it’s public and not secretive at all.  Over Christmas last year, N-brain launched a stealth coding competition to lure job applications and introduce the dev world to their new software development platform, UNA.  I participated in and analyzed this coding competition, almost simultaneously.  

Since then I’ve chatted with the folks behind n-brain.  They don’t mess around.  These guys know their code and their dev process.  This new competition is even tougher than the first and the prizes are much bigger.

UNA is a special platform.  Anyone who knows how I code and run projects understand how bold a statement that is for me.  Why?  I very much believe in the solo hacking til it works.  UNA is about group – real time collab.  I usually hate group collab on code and design because the communication and miscommunication gets in the way.  UNA is different because the collaboration is weirdly seamless and actually real time – you all see the same things, you chat inline, code completion just works, everything is tracked, and never once does the group feature take precedence over just coding.

Anyway… the coding competition is something to pay attention to.  I’ll be analyzing this one as well as I try to uncover more about the how, what and why of developer and creative behavior.  For some insight into how big and serious these types of competitions can get check out this recent feature in Dr. Dobbs.

As a final note – i sure hope the Visual Studio, Netbeans, Eclipse, Zend, Codeworks, and Nusphere folks pay attention to this and either integrate or buy N-brain.  Seriously, the system is that cool.  Yes, i know visual studio has team services…. trust me the features, price and “lockedin-ness” don’t compare.


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